Socio-cultural activities in our residence:

It is primarily an element of integration for our guests which allows us to organize the leisure of residents according to their preferences and needs as they are detected or requested.

This project was created with the intention of motivating and promoting an active life for older people living temporarily or permanently in our residence. We offer different activities to improve the quality of life of residents, facilitating communication and entertainment.

The program being carried out in our workshops are based upon personal preferences.


  •      Life History
  •      Crafts
  •      Workshop of the senses
  •      cognitive stimulation
  •      Bingo and dominoes
  •      Communication Workshop.


  •      birthday celebration


  • We carry out 1 or 2 excursions outside the center

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

In our center we offer physiotherapy, rehabilitation and physician services with the latest technologies for people with mobility impairments and disabled, as well as accidents recovery and treatments.

We have electro-therapy, massage therapy techniques, magnetic, ultrasound and thermo therapy and ambulation aids.

These services are available both for our guests and for individuals by appointment.


  • Medical / Health